Bad Aibling, Germany

The “Bevor ich sterbe möchte ich” wall will start 08th June til 03rd August 2013. It stands in Rosenheimer Str. 61, 83043 Bad Aibling. Opening will be 08th June 2 pm in front of the wall.

The artproject “befor I die” is embeded in more actions and talks about life and death, whith the header “Leben und Tod sind EINS”  (life and dead are ONE) It is a cooperation of Volkshochschule Bad Aibling, Jakobus-Hospizverein, Stadtbücherei Bad Aibling, Mut & Courage Bad Aibling e.V.

The wall itself was made possible by Andi D. and Roland Marks, the team from the Fachklinik Alpenland (an addiction treatment center).

Irene Durukan was so fond of Candy Changs project, that she went to find allies to make this project possible in Bad Aibling. She is the club chairwomen of Mut & Courage Bad Aibling e.V. This club sponsored the Bad Aibling wall lately.

Irene Durukan: “We look so much forward to open the wall for public, and are very curious what will happen. Dying is one thing, which is part of everybodies life. Across all races, genders and cultures. When we deal with this determination, we might lose the fear of dying. Ask us rather the question of satisfaction with one’s life. Here and now.  Here comes Candy Chang with Befor I die. This one question, might make us start to look for answers. Answers which fill our life with satisfaction and joy.”





I want to herausfinden, was Zufriedenheit bedeutet.

Built by Mut & Courage Bad Aibling e.V.

June 2013