A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful

A catalogue of the ways we relate to the uncertainty of tomorrow.

The Atlas of Tomorrow

A public device for philosophical reflection in Philadelphia.

Before I Die

Created by Candy Chang, a global art project that invites people to contemplate mortality and share their personal aspirations in public

Grief Is a Beast That Will Never Be Tamed

An ongoing public art project initiated in Heraklion, Greece, about loss and the rituals that have provided solace.

She Dreamed of a Place Called Fat City

They say Fat City is where the signals of most American dreams originate but she didn’t know this when she pointed her car south.

Love Destroys Time

A public art installation in an abandoned apartment complex. Inspired by the true story of a blind woman who once lived here, we developed a cinematic fable about lost love.


Created by Candy Chang, a public art project that translates religious rites into a secular ritual for catharsis, consolation, and intimacy