Zagreb, Croatia

The Before I Die… wall was set in Zagreb as part of the 7th edition of the Zagrebi! Festival (October 2014).

It was chosen by the festival’s art director Emil Matesic, due to this year’s festival theme – the aestheticization of death through standardized symbols combined with the artists’ personal experiences and points of view. Making references to various encounters or experiences of death, the artists featured in Zagrebi! festival left their imprint conveying some of the meanings death carries.

The two-sided wall stood on one of the most crowded streets in downtown Zagreb much longer than planned (for over 20 days). Washed twice a day, the blackboard was never blank, fully covered with wishes even on the sides, above and below the provided lines… The city government even expressed their wish to keep the wall there for good!

As one of the first international community art projects in Zagreb Before I Die.. left a strong impression and gained many positive reactions, while being followed by a few similar initiatives in the same urban area.

I want to be the mayer Bandic.

I want to move out of Croatia.

I want to learn German.

I want to get well.

I want to get paid.

I want to make a movie.

I want to get stoned.

I want to travel the Balkans.

I want to get burek.

Built by Zagrebi! Festival

October 2014