West Virginia, USA

Eric Fithyan and his staff’s purpose for the wall was to create talk in the community not about death but about life. Eric said, “Once inside this facility, it is too late for dreams”. He went on to say, “The Funeral Service Industry is encouraging community to have the talk of a lifetime”. Ellen Daugherty, Administrative Assistant for the funeral home, was deeply touched by the words of the community. “Never would I think to see messages of a better community and leading people to Christ, but that was the message of the community. Eric told me about this project and I, along with the rest of the staff, joined right in to help. Eric and I never thought we would see so many people”, Ellen explains.
nThis wall encouraged and inspired community members and visitors alike to
nshare their stories and dreams in a public form. We may never know the person who
nwrote on the wall but let it touch our lives and hearts.

Built by Eric Fithyan and Chambers Funeral Home

November 2014