California, USA

We love to create and share our artwork with the community.  As soon as we saw the Candy Chang TED video and the Before I Die website we knew we wanted to build a wall!  We were searching for a place to put it when we found out about The Alley Art Festival, an interactive art and culture experience and a celebration of creativity found off the beaten path.  That’s us!  This was the perfect event for our wall.  We built a free standing, movable wall.  We also created four small, individual frames with chalkboard that are designed to be written on and then held while taking a selfie.  Our wish is that the wall will travel to different events and locations and that someday we will be able to build a permanent wall in our community.  The wall will premier at The Alley Art Festival  in Vista, California on September 13, 2014.

The wall has also appeared on Main Street on Halloween 2014 and was invited to join the All Souls Festival 11-1-2014.

I want to love who I love without being judged.

I want to straddle the line between genius and insanity!.

I want to learn to get out of my own way.

I want to bring a smile to millions of sad faces.

I want to find a yellow dog and name it green.

I want to ride in a hot air balloon.

I want to live with a group of psychics.

I want to love & adore my husband as much as possible.

I want to evolve to a butterfly and fly.

Built by Stephanie and Peter Kuchinsky

September 2014