Turin, Italy

This wall was created on the emergency exit doors of Teatro Colosseo, one of the biggest live theater in Turin, northern Italy. Most people think of a theatre as a place to see a play, where a story is acted out in front of an audience. The Director decided to change this traditional perspective, in order to enable people to become protagonists in their own lives, sharing feelings, hopes, desires…

The wall is snapped on a systematic basis and is cleaned off when it gets full, so it can continue to offer a positive creative space for all the potential amazing writers.

I want to edit or delete this quote post.

I want to have an immeasurable life! (Francesco).

I want to eat insects!.

I want to be loved by my turtle (xzy).

I want to have this theatre.

I want to have an year around the world!.

Built by Teatro Colosseo

December 2014