Toyama, Japan

Created as part of Earth Day Toyama 2017, this small Before I Die wall was quickly filled with peoples’ dreams and hopes. “I never expected that I’d feel something so special from each sentence,” said Aki Nakashima, one of the organizers of this event. “They say everyone experiences ups and downs in their lives, and this board literally gives proof of it.” Aki shared some of the stories behind the responses on the wall:

Before I die I want to live with my true love. “This was written by a woman in her sixties,” said Aki. “She had no hesitation in writing it. Beautiful.”

Before I die I want to hold my dad and mom and say thank you for giving birth to me. “By chance I had a chat with the woman who wrote this. She suffered from a binge eating disorder until she was 41. Through repeated trial and error, she finally found her own right place to be, and she wanted to say this to her parents from the bottom of her heart.”

Before I die I want to visit my granddad’s graveyard in China on behalf of my mom. “The woman who wrote this shared her family’s story with us,” Aki said. “Her grandfather was killed on the field of World War II in China. Her mom has a severe illness now, and visiting his grave is also her dream. We thought of many people’s lives devastated by the war.”

Before I die I want to be completely self-sufficient. “This was written by a man in his sixties. He has already accomplished eighty percent of it! Currently, he’s growing many kinds of vegetables in his field with his wife, and he showed us photos of his field.”

Before I die, I want to go on a motorcycle trip. “She’s planning to have a motorcycle license, although her husband hasn’t accepted this yet. After she talked about it, her friend offered her a space for it in her garage! If we have dreams, talking about them and sharing them with others is one of the ways to make them happen.”

I want to see my first love again.

I want to live with my true love.

I want to sail to Ireland.

I want to publish a book.

I want to have a lovely cat.

Built by Global Mommies Mingling

May 2017

Made with love by Shiho Nakamura, Hikaru Suga, Hiroko Tanaka, Kazutoyo Sato and Akiko Nakashima