Georgia, USA

“Before I die I want to make Before I Die Wall in my place of living”

We are the EVS volunteers from the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation placed in Warsaw, currently living & working in Tkibuli, region Imereti of Georgia. First time when I have heard about superb Candy Chang’s project, it was exactly one year ago, during the accomplishment of my usual journalistic tasks, when, frankly speaking, I was seeking for a “scoop” ;). Then, fortunately I found information about “Before I Die”. Just after I wrote the article, I thought – “I want to be the next!”. A few months later I was flying to Georgia in order to take my volunteer’s responsibilities with my head full of ideas and projects, one of which was creating the first “Before I die” Wall in this small Caucasus country and adding it to the world-wide map of the project members. Now I can say – we did it! Although there were many problems on the path to success, starting from getting the appropriate tools and materials, the logistics, efficient promotion, up to finding the best way of encouraging the local community to participate actively in the project. Nevertheless, we are very pleased with the final results.

As we wanted to suit the locals’ needs but also try to stimulate English learning process in our community, we assured Tkibuli inhabitants had a chance to express their dreams in both – Georgian and English, thanks to the two-sided chalkboard. In addition we designed our Wall to be easily portable and mobile as our great plan is to send Tkibuli-made chalkboard on a spectacular journey through the all Georgians dreams, plans & fears. After two inaugural weeks in Tkibuli, we succeed in building the powerful community united around the project in Georgia. They are deeply engaged in developing it across the country – so, the next stop for the board is Gori!

This project wouldn’t come to life without the help of a few wonderful people, which are: Manana Alavidze, Gela, Zaza Gochelashvili, Val Maslo, Avtandil Bregadze, and Guram Beżanishvili. Thank you all!

I want to grow my own carrots.

I want to find Mr Wonderful.

I want to drink wine with Mads Mikkelsen.

I want to legalize marijuana.

I want to have a translation of the script of the musical staged.

I want to have my hair back.

I want to go to Mars with Jared Leto.

I want to teach children music.

Built by Polish Robert Schuman Foundation

April 2014