Tallahassee, FL

After daydreaming with a handful of friends over a game of Taboo, high school students Eva Rosenzweig and Rachel Joyner decided that Florida’s capital deserved its very own Before I Die wall. A opening party, on April 26, with speeches, food trucks, and good company welcomed the wall to Burnette park, a nice green-space on the newly refurbished Gaines Street. The wall will be open for all passersby to take part in collective dreaming for the foreseeable future, and may relocate in the coming months to get the whole Tallahassee community involved, spanning area codes and school zones. After much thought, the co-creators decided on writing “before I die I want to have a Ben & Jerry’s flavor named after me” and “before I die I want to become someone worth remembering.” Tallahasseeans took up chalk with excitement, writing everything from humorous bucket-list tid-bits to heartfelt declarations; students, from high school and the several local universities, wrote, dreamed, laughed and ate cupcakes at the opening party, and hopefully will for months, years to come. Keep updated with the Tally wall on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I want to see my kids do something they never thought possible.

I want to survive teenagers.

I want to be the answer to a Jeopardy question.

I want to live to the point of tears.

Built by Eva Rosenzweig and Rachel Joyner

April 2014