Taichung, Taiwan

In the morning of May 20th 2015, students of China Medical University (CMU), Taiwan woke up to find their school altered. Leaning against the wall is a board with the famous line “Before I die, I want to…” written on it. This board was made by students belonging to the Students Association of CMU, a group called SHARPA (Sharing Place, Sharing Sharp).
SHARPA is a platform for open discussion and knowledge-sharing, initiated by the students to improve diversification in the school. They included this wall into their activities in hopes of connecting every student of the school by ideas shared on the board.
Each day, the words written on the board vary from sad, touching, interesting to cheerful. To the students of SHARPA, every word has its own story, and it’s a gentle reminder of what’s most important throughout our life.

Built by SHARPA, China Medical University, Taiwan

May 2015

Made with love by the student council of China Medical University, Taiwan.