Shin-Matsudo, Japan

We have created the wall in Shin-Matsudo, a town about 12 miles north of Tokyo.
nWe are honored and touched to see the neighbors dedication come to fruition in a monument.
nWe’re going to cherish this glorious project as it is meaningful to each and everyone to fulfill their life desires.
nThe location will be forever remembered thanks to the founder Ms.Candy Chang for coming up with this brilliant idea.
nThe location of these walls will be the starting point for many more walls to be erected in and around our living city.
nThis sets the cornerstone for preserving the memory of our past educational environment where we have recycled the eminence to commemorate our citizens. In fact, this wall was made of the blackboards that had been used in a junior high school, Shin-Matsudo Kita-chugakkou’, recently closed due to decrease in the number of children.
nWe are proud of this accomplishment.

東京から約20kmの街「新松戸」にウォールを作りました。私たちは、Candy Chang氏の言うように、地域の人々のアウトプットが交錯する場所が新たに出来たことがひじょうに嬉しく、感動しています。このウォールが、この場所が、地域の人々の心の中に根付くよう、このプロジェクトを大切に続けていくつもりです。

I want to go to outer space (宇宙へ行く).

I want to build a house for my mom (ママに家を買いたい).

I want to see Cinderella and Tinker Bell (シンデレラとティンカーベルに会いたい).

I want to know my previous life (前世の私を知りたい).

I want to make everyone happy (みんなを笑顔にしたい).

Built by Shin-Matsudo Himono-Kai, a small group that loves to promote our town.

July 2014