Selangor, Malaysia

Palliative care is a medical approach that seeks to improve the quality of life for patients and their families faced with life-limiting illnesses. To create awareness for and encourage conversations about end of life care (generally considered taboo amongst the older generation), we designed a symbol for palliative care, one that would work across different languages, and cultures.

We launched the world’s first symbol for palliative care at an exhibition attended by government ministers, foreign dignitaries and local celebrities. The theme ‘Living life to the fullest’ was also demonstrated across photographs, stories and videos. Our 5-day exhibition included four ‘Before I Die’ walls. All of which were filled up on the first day itself! We had to increase the number of boards from 4 to 12, and collected over 1,800 pledges altogether.

The ‘Before I Die’ boards were later brought back to Hospis Malaysia. New boards were created for other palliative care awareness events around the country – a national campaign that is still ongoing. Their messages continue to inspire many people. After all, the end of life does not and should not diminish the quality of life.

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Built by Hospis Malaysia. Supported by Rapp Malaysia

October 2014