Arizona, USA

The “Before I Die” Wall at Scottsdale Community College was an initiative of the SCC Student Leadership Forum (student government) to honor Genocide Awareness Week events at the college from April 7-12, 2014. In collaboration with a Performing Arts Center carpenter, it was built with the help of a local refugee and painted by student members of SLF.
The project was created to engage students in discussions about issues such as genocide, human rights and freedom. Through the wall, the students had the opportunity to express their hopes and dreams as well as reflect on people who, as victims of genocide, did not have the same ability to hope and dream.
We usually do not take the time to think about the importance of freedom and the ability to dream of a better future. Using the Before I Die Wall, students can reflect on how to make the world a better place.

I want to be a nurse around the world.

I want to change the world.

I want to kiss in the rain.

I want to go to Antarctica.

I want to see the Northern Lights.

Built by Scottsdale Community

April 2014