Santiago, Chile

“I saw Candy’s TED talk at breakfast one morning and said to myself, ‘Before I die I want to build one of those,’” said Sebastian Beca. A week later, the computer engineer began hunting for  unused walls and found an ideal location beside the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, one of the core art and cultural centers of Santiago. His daughter was his main assistant and the wall was up for four months. “We estimate that over six thousand people wrote on it. We had to wash it almost every other day to make space for everyone.” The wall had longer, touching repurcussions. “A couple of days ago my daughter was sharing one of her own creative ideas with someone who started doubting her. She said, ‘You know, my dad wanted to build a wall and there it is.’”

Built by Sebastian Beca

October 2012

Made with love by Gabriela Beca, Sebastian Beca, Lorena Toledo, Bernd Biedermann, Alvaro Beca, Carla Fernández, Denisse Valladares, Pao Solcito, Ignacio Gil, Coté Castañeda, Poli Beca, and Solange Lecaros. See more on their Facebook page.