Idaho, USA

This is a “moveable wall” first erected in July of 2013, out in the mountains of North Idaho, on the grounds of the Eureka Institute, in conjunction with “Summer Fest” a music and life activities festival.

It was moved into Sandpoint in August of 2013. It now sits along our bike trail near the grainery district. It is in its second year and going strong.

I wanted to build the wall after seeing the TED video describing the great positive effects all the walls have had. I lacked a spot, but the founder of the Eureka Institute was looking for activities for our Summer Fest. The wall fit, so I found my venue. The wall was painted indoors in Sandpoint and then moved 20 miles to its site in the country. Following SummerFest we took the wall down and built it again in town.

Sandpoint is a tourist town. We have a huge alpine lake and a great ski hill. So we have  a constant flow of new people on the bike trail, all year round. New messages are always showing up.


Built by Tim Martin and the Eureka Institute

July 2014