Vermont, USA


Candy’s Ted Talk inspired us immediately. Susan B. did the artwork in the back room of our Rutland Area Food Coop. We chose the Downtown Harvest Fair for our unveiling, on a chilly day in October, then quickly moved to a sunnier location, our Saturday Farmers Market.  For the last month our Wall has stood opposite the Student Lounge at our Community College  of Vermont campus.  Soon we’re hoping to move it to our grand indoor Farmer’s Market, where it will spend the winter. We’re glad we decided early on to make our wall portable, so that it can move with the seasons and be appreciated and used by many.

I want to see the people of our little city happy and thriving.

I want to see a cure for cancer. When I first saw the before I die wall at CCV, I was overwhelmed with emotion, it was so beautiful my eyes welled up with tears. I felt truly blessed that I got to take part in this experience and share it with my classmates. I enjoyed watching their faces and seeing what emotions it stirred in each of them individually, and I was thankful we took pictures of the wall before erasing it..

Built by Annabelle Westling Williams and friends

November 2013