Riga, Latvia

Once upon a time there was a tiny country near the Baltic sea called Latvia. It was small, yet very beautiful and rich. Across centuries it was desired by many monarchs and dictators, but even when they conquered its land, the spirit of the nation always remained free.

Latvia is a small, but definitely a very beautiful and rich country. Not only because of its nature, resources, heritage and changing seasons, but mainly because of its people, who live in a small land, but always dream big dreams.

Wall is built in the center of the capital of Latvia, next to the cinema, shopping centre and railway station.

The times of struggle have always been right near by, and the project was launched to remind our nation that there is something that will always keep us going. Become better. Feel happier. And eventually – be happier.

Within a few hours the wall was filled with hopes, big and small, and dreams that cannot wait until we die.

Built by Stockmann Riga

September 2015