Quito, Ecuador

Inspired by Candy Chang’s TED talk, this wall was created to help others understand the value of life. It started on Easter weekend a midst the large number of people that flocked to the city’s famous churches for the religious occasion in a predominantly Catholic country.

Carrying the boards from San Blas to Plaza Central I could hear “ahn-tes de mo-rir” spoken by those reading the words aloud. Led by curiosity, families, shopkeepers, even policemen came to take a look. By the time I finished setting up the boards on the wall a crowd had formed around me, some in deep thought and others eager to write and share their answers.

For the following weeks the boards were set up throughout the New and Old Towns of Quito. The result was the sight of hundreds of individuals frozen in thought, standing still even if just for a moment to stop and think about their lives.

I want to meet the other half of my orange.

I want to see a world of equality for all.

I want to not be trapped.

I want to live more of what life is.

I want to be the greatest dad.

I want to fly and dance with dolphins.

I want to live day by day, wholeheartedly.

I want to see my family united together.

I want to wake up with you every morning.

I want to eradicate poverty.

I want to see my children become professionals.

I want to serve as a testament of God for my children.

Built by Alparslan Gurbuz

April 2014