Puebla, Mexico

This wall was created by Bosque Eterno, a Funeral Park in the middle of a 110,000-sqare-foot forest of 50-year-old oak trees. It is a cemetery where you can visit your departed loved ones in a peaceful place and feel comforted by nature; where you can seat in a bench beside a tree, beside a lake and be surrounded by birds and nature, and be able to have a moment of memories, solitude and insight.

Bosque Eterno was inspired to build this wall because their main concern is to help give families some peace in those difficult times when you lose someone you love. They wanted to inspire families, bring peace into their hearts and dreams into their lives. They built this wall in the entrance of the park so everyone that visits can share their hopes and dreams.

Every year in November, they organize a large Festival of the Day of the Dead and many families visit. This wall has been an inspiration to all of them.

Built by Bosque Eterno

November 2015