Oregon, USA

After sharing messages on previous Before I Die walls in Portland and Baltimore, Chere Weiss and Richard Potts created their own wall at the annual Waterfront Blues Festival along the Willamette River. “The festival organizers were very supportive and the response was overwhelming,” said Weiss. “We estimate nearly three thousand posts were written on the wall during the five day festival. The common threads were longing for love and connection, travel, and wishing for the well-being of loved ones.”

I want to kiss my wife of 43 years one more time.

I want to let him love me.

I want to have sweet sideburns.

I want to be the Scooby to his Shaggy.

I want to gaze into your eyes until all of the stars go bye.

I want to wake up with the right answer.

I want to not lose my healthcare.

I want to find my father.

I want to make my band famous so they can afford dinner.

Built by Chere Weiss and Richard Potts

June 2017