Paris, France

April of 2014, the French Road Safety Associations (Association de Prévention Routière, APR) launches campaigns to reduce the frequency and seriousness of road accidents. The campaigns are specifically targeted at young people aged between 18 and 24 as road accidents are their first cause of death.

Thanks to this interactive “Before I die” idea, we wanted to raise awareness and succeed in touching young people by focusing on their dreams. We worked in collaboration with the artist, Candy Chang, who created the “Before I die” installation and who depended on the participation of the target audience. We firstly invited young people to complete an inspiring and universal sentence: Before I die, I want…on different supports (boards, social networks, and the AVANTDEMOURIR.COM website). One week later, we revealed the message of the campaign to them: “Every year, drink driving prevents millions of young people from fulfilling their dreams. Therefore, to ensure that you get home safely, make sure you choose a sober driver.”

Built by Les Gaulois

April 2014