Newtown, New Zealand

Before I Die seemed a great way for the Newtown Community Centre and Wellington Timebank to encourage Newtowners to get involved with their community as a whole and interact with the individuals within it.  The wall was put up on the corner of Wilson and Riddiford Streets and as soon as the paint dried first submissions went up.   The response was incredible with the wall filling up within a couple days and amazing community enthusiasm and support. Even when some tagging and questionable contributions occurred, community editing led to some beautiful combined creations.  The wall is washed about once a week to allow for a fresh start and the response from the whole community has been incredible.

“I think it’s easy for people to go though their day to day life without engaging with the world around them. We want people to stop for a moment and think about what is important to them.” says Hannah, Coordinator of the Wellington Timebank.

I want to live with no fear.

I want to get to know all the really interesting looking people in Newtown I don't already know.

I want to scream from many mountain tops.

I want to stop child abuse.

I want to make the whole world laugh.

Built by Newtown Community Centre and Wellington Timebank

September 2013