Monterrey, Mexico, Nuevo Sur

This wall was born on December 7th  2013 in Monterrey, NL. México, in a community called Nuevo Sur. We launched this wall during a Christmas celebration.

In Nuevo Sur we are creating a new way of living in this big city, a space that people love to visit to have an amazing time. We are building homes not houses. We are setting the stage for a place where people can enjoy the open air and relax in a secure environment.

We put a Before I Die wall at Nuevo Sur because people love to have the chance to express themselves and be inspired. This wall is open for the entire community of Monterey.

Av. Revolución 2703 Col. Ladrillera Monterrey, NL. México

I want to Be a zombie in Walking Dead.

I want to Find me.

I want to Meet Santa Claus.

I want to Continue breathing.

Built by Nuevo Sur team

December 2013