Mill Valley
California, USA

It all started when our class was given a journal topic that asked us to think about our personal bucket lists.  This assignment prompted us to view Candy’s TED talk and ultimately inspired us to do the Before I Die project.  We decided it would be a great idea to build a wall on our own high school campus.  After weeks of hard work the wall came to life on May 7’th.  The wall will be up until the end of the school year for all to enjoy.

I want to give my love a million kisses.

I want to swim with a mermaid.

I want to walk at high school graduation.

I want to make something worth living for.

I want to see equality.

I want to save the whales.

I want to find a way to bring kindness to all.

Built by Tamalpais High School 9th & 10th Grade Social Studies Class

May 2013