Longville Park, Jamaica

My name is Samantha Nelson, and for the whole summer I have thought about the different things Id like to do with my life. After still being confused, I started to watch TED videos again. They not only motivated me but they showed me its okay to be different in your thoughts.  I came across Candy Chang’s Talk and it blew my mind. After visiting her website I noticed that limited walls existed in the Caribbean. I also thought about the different students like myself who are lost in this world. The idea of the Before I Die wall at the time seem simple and relevant, to give them a voice. Even if it might not happen , expressing it helps a bit. After the wall was finished and the responses came in, I smiled. All they needed was a chalk and a board it seems.

To. D.M

I want to live where people are safe.

I want to Be a Millioniare.

I want to be Happy.

I want to Give a homeless man my paycheck.

Built by Samantha Nelson

August 2013