London Funeral Exhibition

The wall was an important part of the London Funeral Exhibition that ran at one of the award-winning GreenAcres Woodland Burial Parks in the UK. Organised by the Marketing and Community Liaison Executive at the Buckinghamshire site – Angie Whitaker – the wall drew attention from over 750 visitors to the event which celebrated all things “life”. The London Funeral Exhibition and the Before I Die Wall was the talking point of the weekend for those interested in coming to terms with the permanence of a loss they had experienced and their own mortality. “The park as a living woodland is often chosen when children have experienced the loss themselves as its not a scary place to return to” said one of the wall contributors.

I want to be happy to die.

I want to be married.

I want to get a tattoo.

I want to be there for my children.

I want to have grandchildren.

I want to be remembered.

I want to get my PhD.

I want to go to Disneyland.

I want to play the guitar better.

I want to speak another language fluently.

I want to have my dream house by the sea.

Built by Chiltern Woodland Burials part of GreenAcres Woodland Burials

July 2012