Wyoming, USA

This wall was organized by two students, Lindsey Findley and Sean O’Donnell on the University of Wyoming college campus in Laramie. This project was assembled for their Functions of Storytelling class as their final project to create a community story and displayed in the student Union for the student traffic to see.  After learning in class about the Before I Die.. wall in New Orleans, the students felt compelled to create such personal stories from every student and staff member at the University that allowed them to express their thoughts without being judged. With such an overwhelming turnout of participation, Findley and O’Donnell are finding themselves wiping off the board at least twice a day and enjoying what people have to say. They are hoping to keep this project alive on the University campus or in the community after the 2 weeks of being displayed in the student Union is up.

I want to find my wife a husband..

I want to life with no regrets..

Built by Lindsey Findley and Sean O'Donnell

November 2013