Lake Charles, LA

Longtime friends Charles Talen and Euric Fuselier teamed up to bring this world recognized art installation to the heart of downtown Lake Charles for the Arts and Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana’s annual Gallery Promenade. The wall is located on the west side of 505 Bazaar at 314 Broad Street. They hope to keep the wall up for as long as the community continues to enjoy sharing their dreams on it.

I want to not be so judgmental.

I want to adopt an orphaned child.

I want to be debt free.

I want to travel around the world in one year.

I want to meet my grandchildren.

I want to live in South America.

I want to stop being afraid and start living.

I want to love him like he loves me.

I want to overcome my addiction.

Built by Charles Talen and Euric Fuselier

January 2014