Kunming, China

This is the fourth “Before I Die” wall in China! It is built by several high school students and some of their families in a city named Kunming. The local media reported this wall as the “dream wall.” Because the volunteers didn’t have the access to buy the wall-building packet online, they drew and made every letter by hand! It’s a wall truly supported by love and hope from young people. This wall is ten-meter long, and it’s divided into two parts: Chinese and English. Surprisingly, It was completely filled up in one day with Chinese, English, Spanish, Thai and Korean! The unfortunate thing is that this wall was took off by the government just one day after truly became a special view in the city, which represents dreams and hope. The government took it off, even though the volunteers did get the permission before. The main reason is that a huge environmental protest against the local PX program was just suppressed by the government recently. Government had a pretty strict censorship due to the fear of speeches and information against this harmful program. But anyway it was still a huge success and it had expressed the original spirit and idea of this wall, which is to tell people never forget their dreams and what is cherish in their lives!

I hope China will have more people to stand out and fight for the justice and freedom for the country. As a developing country with huge population and the potential to make magnificent contribution to the world, Chinese people need to be guided by hope and dreams so the good changes can happen! The protest in Kunming against a financially beneficial but environmentally harmful program is a good start for China. People entitle the rights to say no. Please support this wall! Support the right of freedom that every human being should own!



I want to see nice people to meet nice people.

I want to have a poodle as my pet.

I want to everyone to encounter happiness.

I want to marry my true love in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

I want to walk to Tibet.

I want to tell my mom I love her everyday.

Built by Haoruo Zhang and friends in Kunming No.1 Middle High School

August 2013