Kiseljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The wall was built by NGO Edukativo and on the mine initiative. The project was financialy supported by the German organisation Schuler Helfen Leben through their youth program.

The whole process, from planning to realisation, lasted only 6 days, from Monday to Saturday when the wall has been built and presented to the citizens. I had luck that people in SHL had no doubt that this project is worth to be supported but also the other few members of our organisations were very excited about whole thing and their support meant a lot to me.

After a desperate search for a place and the permissions we found a perfect wall in the city center, we built it and installed it. The reactions were suprisingly positive, not only from our small community but from the people around the country and also from neighbourhood countries. After only few hours the wall was full of different wishes and it still a source of inspiration for many people who are coming to write or simply read others wishes.

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I want to go to Cuba..

I want to milk the cow.

Built by Nikolina Marjanovic and Edukativo

August 2014