Kenting, Taiwan

Kenting Spring Screen- music and arts festival holds in every April, every year attracted numerous of people who love music to join this activity. They come here to enjoy the music, seize the moment and live while they’re young! We are glad to find out this perfect event for this occasion. Giving us a good chance to let the traveler think about what they want and their dream before the life end. It’s never too late to start living without regrets…

墾丁春天音樂季即將於4月3日登場,每年到了這時候,總是吸引了無數好愛音樂的朋友。他們來此狂歡、縱情沙灘,他們把握當下,年輕不留白!配合這場熱情的嘉年華會,墾丁力麗哲園除了推有住房優惠迎賓外,更搭配「夢想之牆」,以「Before I die I want to…」為主題,讓旅客盡情塗鴉抒發己見,寫下在生命結束前最想要做什麼?將夢想告訴全世界。

「Before I die I want to…」字面上的意思,就是在生命結束之前,我想要做什麼?進一步去銓釋,也有著「把握當下」的意涵;墾丁力麗哲園推出這道「夢想之牆」,除了提供旅客發揮創意、盡情揮灑浪漫外,更是希望大家把握當下,把握當下感受音樂季的熱情、把握當下來墾丁關山看日落、把握當下與愛人漫步在沙灘,一切一切,就是希望大家珍惜每一分每一秒,不要有所遺憾,為自己譜出曼妙的生命樂章。

I want to see car that fly!.

I want to kiss you once again..

I want to smile :).

I want to BE FREE!!.

Built by LeaLea Garden Hotels

March 2014