Joinville, Brazil

It all started with a group of friends who meets weekly to talk, think about life issues and create urban interventions to make people reflect about their lives and society. The idea to bring the “Before I die” to Joinville came in one of those friends conversations and it took weeks until we could finally put it in action.

At the same time the Before-I-die space was ready, everyone started naturally to write and read people’s hopes, dreams and fears scrawled on the wall. By sharing themselves with newfound friends, thousands of people started to be connected with and then fulfilling the very purpose of connection by inspiration.

Nowadays it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what really matters to us, however the activity could enhance people’s hopes and dreams only by the simple action of sharing your motivation. Due to that, our goal was to have everyone to take a moment and reflect on the bigger picture of what truly matters.

For 5 days, the wall was displayed in Joinville downtown, quite close to the Ballet Bolshoi Academy and the City Theatre. Even in a short period of time, we collected many inspirations, impacted positively the city and, mainly, helped someone to achieve their dream.

One of the most magical and beautiful moments of bringing the before i die to Joinville was when we started to connect people. What was supposed to be just a funny moment between friends to bring reflection to the people of the city, turned into another awesome thing: People that were totally strangers to each other started to get connected with just one single goal: help people to achieve their dreams. In one of the days of interaction with the wall, a lady decided to share her desire of learning how to photograph, hours later a professor of photography came along the wall and read her desire, at the same time the teacher started a campaign on social medias to find the person who wanted to learn how to photograph. The woman was located by the teacher, starting a connection.

Perhaps, the best part of “before i die Joinville” was connecting people and making them stop their busy day-to-day life and reflect about life issues, reflect about the city, and especially to understand and live a meaningful and fulfilling life today, because one day we will all die.

Another thing quite cool was the coverage that a local TV program made about our project:…/2953253/

I want to Help my parents.

I want to dance a lot.

I want to see Joinville with more Bicycle lanes.

I want to open my own business.

Built by DiverteInverte

February 2014