Johannesburg, South Africa

Steven Slotow, a local writer, found a choice spot in the Maboneng Precinct, a cultural hub in the city center known for its mix of galleries, artist studios, and creative venues. He teamed up with artists who framed the wall with their own great works, and they unveiled the wall during the Urban Arts Festival. “We got done stenciling early, but it wasn’t early enough,” Steven said. “Before the white spray paint could dry, visitors of the popular Maboneng flea market were flocking to the wall to share their dreams. I visited each Sunday morning to jot down the old dreams and wipe it down to make space for the new ones. I was never disappointed.”

I want to have wisdom, courage and serenity.

I want to experience the change I am in the world.

Built by Steven Slotow and the Urban Arts Festival

August 2012

Made with love by Steven Slotow, Elena Ioulianou, Simeon Spieringshoek, Chris Mason, Athena Lamberis, Richard September, and Gubzin Thole