California, USA

After watching the TED talk given by Candy Chang, the AVID 11 students at Healdsburg High School wanted to create a wall where students could post their dreams and aspirations. The AVID program is one that makes sure students are able to fulfill their dreams of attending college even if those dreams may seem out of reach, so the creation of the wall was a natural outcome of the determination of the students to reach for the stars. The students felt this wall would promote a sense of community and give other students a way to express their goals. It is located in the heart of the school, so students walk by it everyday. Students have expressed a desire to “be the first in my family to graduate from college”: “see a female president”; “help the polar bears”; and “see my sister walk.”

I want to see a female president.

Built by AVID 11 class - Advancement Via Individual Determination

May 2014