Hamburg, Germany

As a project during an internship, this wall was realized for Hamburg, Schanzenstrasse. Based in an area which is known for political demonstrations and a growing a shopping zone as well as a hang out place, attracting a wide range of different people.For four weeks, this wall was cleaned serveral times. Within two days the whole surface was already filled out with variations of thoughts, a range from simple sentences and small wishes to long impressive and complex descriptions.

Many people stopped by for a chat when someone of us cleaned the wall, some people even offered their help for a better reach of the huge wall’s endings. Nice little encounters evolved around the wall. Often children came by, asking what we were doing. When someone writes ugly things or just scrawls around, soon after, someone else is overwriting it, so there is a permanent transformation. Also the colours of the writings were changing. We put different colours of chalk by and by which lead the whole picture transform into different moods.

I want to dance and love as often as I can.

I want to …mit mir im Reinen sein.

I want to get high on love.

I want to …einen entscheidenden Beitrag zum Frieden leisten.

I want to …100 Jahre alt sein.

I want to make mama proud.

I want to meet my friend in every city I am.

I want to …LEBEN.

Built by Anna Lena Schiller and Magdalena Vollmer

May 2014