Indiana, USA

“Before I Die” wall is located in Elkhart, Indiana. This wall was inspired by the hopes and dreams of everyone in our community.

It all started a year ago when we converted our Art League Building in to a legal site for graffiti. At first, there were small problems with vandalism – but finally – 95% of the graffiti artists started working with us – one by one – policing and erasing anything inappropriate.

As a “thank you” to the graffiti artists, additional walls were built along with two boards that are dedicated to the “Before I die” Project. We, then, realized that the community had something to say as well.

Every day we take photos of the messages. Some messages are very thought out…some funny…some very inspiring. Some of the responses are: “Before I Die” I want to find my overdue library brook; write a novel; I want to eat a wild turkey, and kiss the girl who sits across from me in class.”

One day an older man in a wheel chair came by and asked us about the wall. He was a disabled Vietnam veteran who asked me to write “God Bless America” on the wall, which we did, with the promise that we would make sure that it was there everyday. We also write “Good Morning, Dave” to solute him daily.

The boards are located at 511 Baldwin Street, on the north side of the city. No time limit has been established as to the removal of the boards. These boards were donated by James, owner of The Old Bag Factory in Goshen, Indiana. The additional funding came from personal donations and the help – lots of volunteer time.

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Built by Elkhart Art League and Elkhart Parks Dept

September 2014