South Carolina, USA

Bringing the Before I Die wall to Columbia, SC became artist and author Karl L. Larsen’s mission after he stumbled upon it and realized it’s power to inspire so many people. With the help of One Columbia for Arts and History and Mark Plessinger, owner of Frame of Mind and organizer of the monthly First Thursdays on Main artfest, Columbia’s wall became a reality.

With the assistance of Agape Senior (owners of the site) and Mashburn Construction, One Columbia affixed a series of temporary walls along 60 feet of construction fencing on the 1600 block of Main Street in Columbia, SC.  Columbia’s Before I Die Wall was unveiled Thursday, September 5 at 2 pm at a press conference hosted by Mayor Steve Benjamin, the City of Columbia, and One Columbia for Arts and History.

The Mayor and press conference attendees were encouraged to post the first dreams. That same evening, visitors to First Thursdays on Main were invited to be among the first to participate. Visitors and supporters can share their responses by using the hashtags #beforeidie and #columbiasc. The wall will remain on Main Street until October 3.

I want to meet Stan Lee!.

I want to teach more science.

I want to live in a song and dance world for a day.

I want to save 1,000 lives.

Built by Karl L. Larsen and One Columbia for Arts and History

September 2013