New York, USA

Director of Grief Support, Nancy Weil, learned about this project and knew immediately that it was a perfect fit for our cemetery. Our walls are a way to celebrate all that life can offer. They also give visitors to the cemetery pause to consider what they most want to do with the time they have left. We placed two walls in separate areas of the cemetery and from the first day they have been filled again and again with sentiments both heartbreaking and humorous. Deep desires are spelled out for all to see and many prayers have been said for those wanting “to have a living child” or “to reunite my divided family.” Themes that are repeated over and over again include: traveling the world, being happy, getting married and making a difference.

Our walls have been featured on the front page of The Buffalo News, covered by our local news station, featured in community newsletters, shown on our Facebook page and written about in professional industry magazines. We are proud to be the first cemetery that embraced this project that was born out of Candy Chang’s grief and has since spread across the world. From heartache to hope, from desires to dreams fulfilled – may all who write on our board and visit our cemeteries find what they are seeking.

This wall was born in May, 2016 and will be retired for the winter. It will go back up each spring in either the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Kenmore, NY or in one of our five cemeteries in the WNY area.

Built by Catholic Diocese Cemeteries

March 2016

Made with love by Carmen Colao, Nancy Weil, Sam Enders, Charlie Cromwell, Dave Goffin, Eric Patterson, Mark Pawlica and the entire staff at Mount Olivet Cemetery.