Belgrade, Serbia

Before I Die Wall in Belgrade was built by association “Zivojin Misic”, founded by entrepreneurship enthusiasts and a company dedicated to make a significant change in society, both Serbia and the world, on July 4th. It’s located at Belgrade’s oasis – Ada Ciganlija lake.

We came across an article describing the Before I Die art project and, most of all, Candy’s reasons for her first wall and true wishes of spreading the “word”. Touched by the Wall’s purpose and it’s, ultimately, noble cause – we firmly decided to join the movement.

While we were waiting for the right time and place, the project got another purpose – the Walls became recognized and loved by millions of people traveling the world and gave the hosting cities a touch of uniqueness. We figured that Belgrade was absolutely up to the task of being one of those cities which wants and needs it’s people driven by the true values of life.

A few minutes after we had set up the Wall, our wishes came true – people who’d been passing by stopped, looked at the Wall for some time and then asked themselves (aloud): “What do I really want to do before I die?”. Mission complete. They started coming and writing, and then coming back, and now we can say we made it – it was a small influence on the community making some big changes in other people’s lives. If only 10 out of 1000 people did something about their true wishes, we can say we accomplished a great thing.

Built by The Association for Encouraging Entrepreneurship "Zivojin Misic"

July 2015

Made with love by “Zivojin Misic” project coordinators, the company Devana Technologies, Ada Ciganlija lake’s administration and many more passers-by who made the Wall come true.