Texas, USA

This wall was built as a collaboration between the art department, the creative writing department, and the dean’s office of the Arts and Humanities Division at Austin Community College. The wall was created to foster a community with students, faculty and staff, and allow them to participate in a collaborative and creative process. The wall began its life at the ACC Rio Grande Campus (1218 West Avenue, Austin, TX) and currently resides at the ACC Cypress Creek Campus (1555 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX).

The wall is photographed on a regular basis and is cleaned off when it gets full so it can continue to provide a positive creative outlet for the students of Austin Community College and the community surrounding it.

I want to forget what it feels like to take a life.

I want to dance barefoot in New Zealand.

I want to beat my demons.

I want to go to Hogwarts.

I want to send a man to Mars.

I want to witness full equality for all US citizens.

I want to hear a choir sing one of my compostions.

I want to to ride an elephant.

I want to to be a father.

I want to go to space.

Built by Austin Community College's Arts & Humanities Division

May 2014