Anjo, Japan

This wall was created by nurses who work for palliative and end of life care. We wanted to make an opportunity for people in our community to think about death and what is important to them. It was installed on the local market in Anjo, Japan. Many hopes, dreams and smiles were shared.

I want to be the Mayor of Anjo.

I want to see the peace of the world.

I want to save animals lives.

I want to be a good friend with everyone.

I want to open my heart completely.

I want to write a best selling book.

I want to go on a space trip.

I want to travel around the world with my husband.

I want to tell thanks to my family.

Built by Keita Komori, Mikiko Terada, Kumiko Inagaki and Eriko Shirokawa

June 2013