Amakusa, Japan

Amakusa is a city created through a merger of ten towns located on a group of islands in far southwestern Japan. One of those towns is Kawaura, where this wall took place. Kawaura, like the other villages of Amakusa, is a rapidly depopulating town with a  large elderly population. “I imagined this Before I Die wall would have a serious tone to it, the end feeling so much more immediate, both for the residents and the town,” said Zachary Johnson, who organized the building of this wall. “Instead, the wall was taken up by nearby elementary school students and occasionally students from the middle and high schools. Although the children come from an isolated, struggling place, their dreams were filled with the humor, warmth, and excitement one would expect from children anywhere. Local residents were excited to see the dreams of young people, and children rushed to the wall after school to think up more.”

I want to make someone's dream come true.

I want to become someone who doesn't lie.

I want to travel the world with my friends.

I want to return to Kawaura.

I want to make people smile.

Built by Zachary Johnson

September 2013